I am the super mom of two incredible children. I had always believed that parenting was not my cup of tea until I realized that I love coffee. Yes, I have a weird sense of humor too.

Like all of you, I was scared in the pregnancy stage. I swallowed tons of books and journals of babies to be “fully prepared.” What I learned after having babies is that there is simply no way to be fully prepared. You go with the flow. You learn from your mistakes.

Four years of taking care of two incredibly mischievous kids taught me more than a bunch of parenting books. One day a thought suddenly hit me: there must be millions like me who are doing their best to be great parents. So I felt an urge to create a blog to provide parenting guidance to everyone who needs this. Yes, it’s tough to manage a full-fledged blog, but I managed. I’m a super mom!

So How do I Choose The Best Products For You?

Being a blogger product reviewer has a lot of advantages. It never took me long to differentiate good products from bad ones while choosing products for my babies. It takes me minutes to tell which user reviews are worth trusting and which are not.

However, since we are talking about babies here, I cannot simply recommend products based on online reviews. So whenever possible, I try to test certain products myself before reviewing them. Then I prefer scouring the internet looking for blogs or forums where mothers like me can get together and talk about anything and everything.

Since most people in my peer group are new parents, I get a lot of valuable suggestions and feedback from them. They also contribute a lot to guides, tips, and reviews you read on my website. So, let’s all take a moment to thank those anonymous contributors of Parentloves.com, shall we?

You can also tell me about your experience with the new-age baby products. What you like about it, what you dislike, and mostly what you expect from it. You can also send me a detailed review and a picture of the particular product to me so that I can review them on my site.

Let’s be here for each other and learn together.