10 Best Diaper For Sensitive Skin Babies 2022 -(Reviews & Buying Guide)

Look, I love my baby but the very thought of changing poop-filled diapers drove me nuts in the beginning. But I still managed. However, my little one’s skin started reacting badly to the diaper brand I was using. His skin would turn red, break out in rashes and he’d cry. It broke my heart. I tried some over the counter lotions and creams, switched the diaper brand but nothing seemed to work.

I would keep him diaper-free for as long as I could but you know that’s not a long-term fix. So I dedicated a few hours on the web to search the best diapers for newborns with sensitive skin. Thankfully, I found some great alternatives which didn’t contain any harsh chemical. It did solve my problem and through this article, I hope to solve yours as well.

So here are a few recommendations on the best diaper for sensitive skin you can check out to keep your newborn’s buttcheeks healthy and rash-free:

ImagesProduct Name
The Honest Company Club Box Diapers
Earth's Best Disposable Baby Diapers
Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
Seventh Generation Baby Diapers
ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers
Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers
Andy Pandy Disposable Diapers
Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers
Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers
Naty Disposable Diapers

10 Best Baby Diapers for Sensitive Skin 2022

1.The Honest Company Club Box Diapers

The Honest Company Club Box Diapers with TrueAbsorb Technology

These specially made hypoallergenic diapers contain plant-based materials instead of the usual reactive chemicals used in diapers. What I love even more is that there’s no artificial fragrance or gel in it which can potentially trigger allergic reactions.

It comes in multiple size options and a wide array of cute patterns that would look great on your baby. Size 1 will perfectly fit newborns, even those with long thighs. For overnight use, I’d suggest using one size larger to get maximum protection against leakage, especially during blowouts. To further prevent leakage, it comes with elastic cuffs.

Another unique aspect of this diaper is that it doesn’t look lumpy. It is probably because the material is soft, stretchy and highly absorbent. It can hold at least 17 times its weight which makes it a great choice for a day out with your baby as well since you don’t have to change the diapers frequently.

So it is an excellent option for environment-conscious parents. The diapers are made from wood pulp which is a highly sustainable material. The inside liner is designed with renewable, eco-friendly sources. Remember to dry out your kid’s butts completely before putting on the diapers. Also, if his skin is extremely sensitive, use a zinc oxide enriched topical cream to ensure wholesome protection from diaper rashes.


  • Instead of synthetic fragrance, it uses citrus-based odor inhibitor to ward off the poop and pee smell.
  • Tested and approved by dermatologists.
  • Various size and design options.
  • Elastic cuffs prevent leakage during heavy blowouts.
  • Extremely absorbent.


  • On a slightly expensive side.

2.Earth’s Best Disposable Baby Diapers

Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Disposable Baby Diapers

The next diaper on my list is free of harmful bleaching agents like chlorine. Not just that, it also doesn’t contain latex or synthetic perfume. Therefore, there’s practically nothing that can trigger diaper rashes and redness. However, it still might contain elemental chlorine but it is least likely to cause skin irritation. To further minimize the chances of rashes, the diapers feature breathable sides.

Moving on, the absorption ability and durability of Earth’s Best are impeccable, good enough to make it a top contender for the title of the best diaper for sensitive skin. The transfer paper inside the diaper can absorb an insane amount of moisture, making it a perfect choice for overnight use.

The material is built from is soft and stretchy so that your baby can move freely. To ensure a great fit, easy changing, and minimum leakage, it comes with additional features like Velcro closure, refastenable grip tabs, and moisture barrier cuffs.


  • It is made from renewable resources like wheat and corn instead of petrochemicals to reduce environmental footprint.
  • Free of chlorine, latex, perfume, and dye.
  • Superior leakage protection.
  • Easy to change.
  • They have great absorbency.


  • The tabs don’t stick very well .

3.Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

The soft, hypoallergenic material on both sides of Swaddlers diapers makes it a perfect choice for babies who have severely irritation-prone skin. But these are not the only reason why I think it is one of the best baby diapers for sensitive skin. Add to a great design and hypoallergenic material, it also features a wetness indicator to alert you when the diaper needs to be changed.

The inside of the diaper is lined with Pampers’ unique Absorb Away Liner that is supposed to absorb maximum wetness and poopy mess. It will keep your munchkin’s buttcheeks healthy, mess-free and odor-free for up to 12 hours. That’s quite a long time!

Another feature I absolutely adore is the size range it offers. For newborn babies, it comes with an umbilical cord notch to protect the baby’s belly during the first few weeks of his life. I want to hug the brains behind Pampers for taking this extra step to ensure a newborn’s protection.


  • Extremely gentle on the skin, thanks to the inclusion of soft materials on both sides.
  • Provides protection against leakage and wetness for up to 12 hours.
  • The newborn baby size version comes with an umbilical cord notch for optimal protection.
  • Doesn’t contain chlorine or any other reactive chemical.
  • Features a wetness indicator.


  • It is not a fragrance-free diaper. However, the scent is very light and won’t irritate your baby’s skin.

4.Seventh Generation Baby Diapers

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers for Sensitive Skin

These chlorine-free, fragrance-free hypoallergenic diapers are one of the most gentle diapers on this list for delicate baby skin. The inside of the diapers is covered with unbleached cotton that’ll take good care of your baby’s sensitive skin, be assured.

It does not contain any chemical or artificial fragrance that can aggravate diaper rash problems. The diapers are also excellent at absorbing wetness and mess to keep your kid’s butts clean and dry for long hours.

If we go by the manufacturer’s claim, it can absorb three times more wetness than average diapers in the market. The credit for this goes to the ultra-absorbent core of the diapers. The chances of diaper rashes are significantly reduced when the skin remains completely dry.

Apart from great fittings, I also loved the cute animal prints on the diapers. Thanks to the stretchable side panels, your baby can move and play freely while putting the diapers on. The refastenable grip tabs also make them easy to put on and take off.


  • Made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials.
  • The ultra-absorbent cores protect the skin by reducing wetness.
  • Great fit, breathable material, and adorable animal prints.
  • Double leg cuffs and stretchable waistband minimize leakage.
  • Chlorine and lead-free.


  • They are as leak-proof as a diaper can be. It might cause a minor leak during heavy blowouts but that’s unavoidable unless the nappies are too tight.

5.ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers

ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers One Size Adjustable

At #5, I am going to review the best cloth diapers for sensitive skin I have come across during my search for the best. It is a one-size-fits-all nappy featuring multiple rows of buttons on the side.

By snapping onto the desired row, the diapers can be easily adjusted to the size of your baby. For optimal protection against the sudden burst of poop, ALVABABY lets you secure the diapers with hip snaps and crossover snaps.

These cloth diapers are also BPA-free and would look adorable on your baby’s cute butt.

The outer layer of these pocket nappies is made from waterproof and easily washable polyester. The inside is made from suede clothes (which consist of 3-layer microfiber inserts) that draw away liquid.

It is designed to keep the moisture away from your baby’s tender skin to prevent rashes and inflammation. The use of all-natural materials for the diapers ensures that your baby never again suffers from painful diaper rashes.


  • Much more affordable and eco-friendly than disposable diapers.
  • The snap fasteners ensure a snug fit and leakage protection.
  • Does not contain any chemical.
  • The size can be adjusted easily using snap-on closures.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Learning to snap on the diapers in different positions can be a little tricky at first.

6.Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers

These diapers are designed for babies weighing from 6-9 lbs. Designed with utmost care, the nappies protect the umbilical cord of a newborn baby’s belly. Both sides of the nappies are made from breathable fabrics that go easy on tender skin and reduce the symptoms of diaper rashes. There’s is also a waistband to ensure a secure fit.

The soft cushion material on the inside has dry touch absorb liners to suck up a large quantity of wetness throughout the day. A clean and dry butt means your babies will be happy, giggly and at peace all day long. Isn’t that alone worth all the money in the world?

I’m sure the answer is yes but you don’t really have to spend all the money in the world to buy these diapers. They are quite affordable and provide a great value for money considering the protection it offers.

Talking about protection, Snuggler diapers utilize a special leak lock system combined with a double grip system to prevent poop and pee from leaking out from sides. Also, the nappies have a wetness indicator on them to help you know when is the right time to change the diaper.  


  • Provides leakage protection for up to 12 hours.
  • Soft material and secure fit to prevent chafing or scratching.
  • High absorption cotton soaks up tons of moisture to keep the skin dry.
  • Has cute prints of Disney character Pooh over it which kids are going to love.


  • Some users complaint they had experienced strong chemical odor when the child wet the diaper.

7.Andy Pandy Disposable Diapers

Andy Pandy Biodegradable Bamboo Disposable Diapers

No latex, no scent, no alcohol, no chlorine, no preservatives, made from 100% pure bamboo fibers- the Andy Pandy diapers are one of the safest options for kids with sensitive skin.

The bamboo fiber top sheet possesses superior antimicrobial properties and lets the air circulate. As a result, your baby’s cute buttcheeks remain dry and sanitized all day long.  

The best part is that it leaves behind nothing when you take the diaper off. The absorbent power of the nappies is truly praiseworthy. To ensure further protection from diaper rashes, the top sheet features an aloe liner to keep the bacteria away.

Coming to the fittings and comfort, the unique 3-D design of the nappies ensures a snug fit on your tot’s butt, reducing the chances of leakage during blowouts. The good things don’t just end here. These diapers are also odor resistant and feature a wetness indicator to make your and your tot’s life easier.


  • Soft bamboo fiber material is highly breathable and leaves no scratch on tender baby skin.
  • Maximum leakage protection, thanks to the 3-D design.
  • Has aloe liner on the inside cushion to curb rash breakouts.
  • Comes with thermal regulating ability to keep your kids happy and comfy in all weathers.


  • The diapers can be a little tricky to fasten as the tapes on them are not sticky enough.
  • Aloe vera solution can cause mild irritation to some children, not all, though.

8.Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers

Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers Size 3 (9-20 lbs)

Bamboo Nature nappies are made from a biodegradable material which makes it a friendly option for both your baby and mother nature. The back sheet of the diapers is built from a breathable, paraben-free and latex-free fabric so that rashes can’t appear on your baby’s delicate skin.

The back sheet has a premium 3-layer design with power absorbent cores that pull maximum moisture. No matter how many times your little one takes a leak, be assured that his buttcheeks will stay dry and comfy for almost 24 hours.

Yes, 24 hours it is. The newest version of Bambo Nature Premium has been upgraded with feather soft material which channelizes the odor and wetness for a long-time protection.

These dermatologically tested and approved nappies are suitable for babies weighing 9-20 lbs. To ensure the best fitting, buy a small size for tall and lean kids and a large size for chubby, small babies.


  • Feather soft, extremely breathable material for superior protection from rashes and leakage.
  • Has certifications from Nordic Swan Eco Label, Asthma- Allergy Denmark.
  • Made from purely organic materials.
  • Provides 24-hour long protection.
  • Has wetness indicator that changes color when the diaper is wet (yellow for clean; blue for baby needs a change).


  • Some moms experienced leaking, especially when used overnight.

9.Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers

Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers, Size 1, 232 Count

For an organic diaper, the absorbency of Babyganics is nothing short of incredible. All due credit for this goes to the chemical-free superabsorbent formula used on it.

They call the formula NeoNourish seed oil which is basically a concoction of tomato, raspberry seed oils, and other natural ingredients. Instead of chlorine and alcohol, your kid’s buttcheeks will be exposed to this organic, skin-friendly blend. Sounds awesome already!

It soaks up a huge amount of wetness, keeping your babies dry and comfortable for a long period of time.

The soft-stretch sides ensure minimal fluid release and are designed to allow kids to move freely and be active. I also loved the snug and slim fitting under the clothes. Last but not the least, size NB 1 and NB 2 have wetness indicators to let you know when the nappy needs to be changed.


  • Ideal diaper for children who have skin problems like eczema or severe allergy.
  • Snug fit for minimal fluid leakage.
  • Size NB 1 and NB 2 have wetness indicators.
  • Free of chlorine, BPA, latex, perfume, and alcohol.
  • Excellent absorption speed.


  • Not completely biodegradable.

10.Naty Disposable Diapers

Naty by Nature Babycare Eco-Friendly Premium Disposable Diapers

Natural disposable diapers like this should be your go-to choice if your child has skin conditions like eczema, acute rashes, redness, allergy, and inflammation. The nappies got a thumbs up from Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. It is made purely from plant-based materials and has no traces of GM, chlorine, dioxins, paraben, dye or synthetic perfume in it.

Unlike most organic diapers which are not fully biodegradable, these OK Biobased certified Natty diapers leave a minimal footprint on nature by turning into compost.

For the leakage barrier, the manufacturer has opted for corn starch film instead of plastic. The film not only enhances air circulation around the skin but also shields it against harmful bacteria.

Like all the best disposable diapers for sensitive skin in today’s market, Naty diapers  are designed to seal the sides of the baby’s butt region in order to minimize leakage, that too without being too tight against the skin.

However, my only concern with these amazing eco-friendly diapers is the fitting. I’d suggest you size up to ensure fewer leaks. While some say that the closure tabs don’t stick properly, I haven’t personally found any issues with it.


  • Uses organic water absorbent gel crystals to draw away moisture without harming the skin.
  • Can effectively hold poop blowout.
  • Doesn’t contain plastic or harsh chemicals.
  • Made with natural and renewable material.
  • Soft and stretchy.


  • The grip tabs aren’t always stable enough.

What Things to Consider While Buying Diapers for Sensitive Skin Babies


Indeed the first thing you need to thoroughly check out are the ingredients used for making the diapers. Try to skip brands that do not clearly state the name of the ingredients. Since these nappies are for hypersensitive skin which is prone to diaper rashes and allergies, you should go for 100% organic nappies.

It should not contain any chemical at all (or at least not beyond the safe limit), synthetic perfume or dye either.


Babies are squirmy, especially tots who can’t seem to stay still at all. At least mine doesn’t. So you have to make sure that the diaper material is stretchy enough to allow them a lot of flexibility while moving and playing.

It should be also breathable enough to circulate air inside the nappies in order to keep the skin airy and dry.


Babies can get real cranky when they are nappies are wet. Wet nappies are one of the main reasons kids wake up crying their lungs out in the middle of the night. So make sure the diapers you are buying can stay dry for up to 12 hours, allowing both your and your children to be in peace.

Leakage Protection

Leakage happens exactly when you are not prepared for it. Tell me, who is ever prepared for accidental poop avalanche? Nobody. Just to save the mess and embarrassment, look for diapers with leg cuffs. It should also contain fast absorbing layers.

Reasons Why Your Baby Is Developing Diaper Rashes

Skin sensitivity is a very common issue among kids. This is the key reason why your little one’s skin is reacting badly to conventional diapers. The chemical formula used in these nappies triggers inflammation, resulting in diaper rashes and redness. But don’t you worry too much right now. The problem will get under control eventually when your kids get used to the surroundings.

In fact, it is completely normal for a newborn to have hypersensitive skin. The wrinkly skin of newborn babies has a protective layer called vernix. It naturally wears out during the first few weeks of his life. You may have the urge to apply lotions and creams to protect him from skin conditions but you should fight this urge. It can further irritate the super tender skin.

Here are a few more possible risk factors for sensitive baby skin:

  • Scented products.
  • Conventional, plastic-filled diapers.
  • Harsh, chemical-based detergents.
  • Dyes in clothes.
  • Frequent bathing.
  • Tight fitting clothes.

Cloth vs Disposable Diapers- Know What Are Best Sensitive Skin Diapers

Here comes the debate that has confused the living daylight out of many parents- clothes vs. disposable diapers.

Before you choose one over the other, remember that each child reacts differently to each type of nappies. Just because my kid does well with disposable diapers doesn’t mean it will be the best for your kids too.

Cloth diapers are significantly less absorbent than disposable diapers. So for better protection against wetting and overnight use, disposable ones sound like a better option.

However, I know many parents who have complained about diaper rashes after using disposable nappies. In that case, regular cloth nappies or prefold cloth diapers are a better option since they contain soft, quilted cushion and are generally more comfortable than disposable ones.

The Bottom Line

Disposable or cloth nappies, large or small- the choice is completely yours. The goal is to provide our children with optimal skin care and keep them dry and comfy. There’s no such thing as the best diaper for sensitive skin. Best, average or worst- it all depends on how your baby reacts to a certain product.

While all the diapers featured in my list does the job well, my absolute favorite is The Honest Company Club Box Diapers. While all the other 9 diapers are great, when it comes to providing a premium fit, Honest Company wins the title of the best diapers hands down.

The added elastic cuffs on the sides are another gem of a feature. It genuinely reduces leakage to minimum. Plus, it is made from natural materials and completely free of chemicals.

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