10 Best Scooter For 4 year old Kids – (2022 Guide)


Kids at 4 can be quite interesting! They crave for more fun and energy. But lack the skills to handle complicated stuff.

Scooter is one of the very first miniature vehicles your child will come across. It’s the starting point of owning a ride, getting fresh air outside and making new memories!

However, not all types of scooter are kids at this age. You need a very specific type of scooter to keep them safe and help maintain balance.

The best scooters for 4 year old kids are mainly 3 wheelers- either two wheels at the front or at the back combined with a single wheel. Beside this, the model might have extra LEDs, brake system and adjustable height.

To make everything easier for you, here’s a quick guide!

10 Best Scooter For 4 year old 2022

1.Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter

Razor Jr Lil Kick Scooter

The Razor Jr. doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles! AND for the same reason it’s regarded as one of the best scooters for 4 year old kids. It just doesn’t look too childish and makes your look a bit grown up.

It’s one of those few scooters with two wheels at the back. Now having two wheels at the back doesn’t seem like a massive difference. But it keeps your child more stable and gives more control over steering.

The wheels on this model are larger than some of the other Razor models. It’s designed mainly for toddlers looking to transition to a more mobile lifestyle.

It doesn’t have a rear brake, fancy lights and adjustable handle setting. But it’s sturdy and might take the beating more than any other models here.


  • Durable steel frame.
  • Double rear wheels for more balance and control.
  • Non-slip deck keeps your child safe.
  • Well constructed for rough usage.


  • Doesn’t have a rear brake.



2.WeSkate Kick Scooter

WeSkate Kick Scooter

The #1 reason you should get the WeSkate scooter is because of its highly adjustable handle bar. It can be adjusted from 26.7-inch to 34-inch. It grows with your kid and makes the money worth it.

You have four simple and classy colors to choose from. If that’s not enough, the LED lights on the wheels will definitely keep the kids interested. No batteries! They light up when the wheels roll.

This model has a rear brake pedal and the deck is quite wide. Needless to say it’s safe and stable. The handlebar has an alloy construction which adds to the durability factor.

Another great thing about this scooter is the foldable feature. This enables you to store the unit even if you have small space to work with. Recommended!!


  • Braking system has anti-skid function.
  • Wide and low deck design minimizes risk of falling.
  • Handlebar can be extended more than 7 inches.
  • Foldable features makes it truly portable.


  • The deck is plastic made and might not be able to take a heavy beating from rough kids.



3.6KU Kids Kick Scooter

6KU Kids Kick Scooter

6KU is the best scooter for a 4 year old toddler simply because of its aggressive design and look. It looks like one of those vehicles in the sci-fi movies. In reality, this is a simple kick scooter than most boys would get crazy for!

It’s a versatile model that can extend from 26-inch to 30-inch. Your kid can use it even when he reaches 8. On top of that, it’s foldable and doesn’t eat up much space. The folding lever is cleverly located so that it doesn’t fold up during riding.

If that’s not enough, the large LED front wheels will definitely mesmerize you. The wheels are rubber and can absorb impacts to some extent.

The steering requires leaning to control and might take a bit more time to learn. But those large wheels make up for that!


  • Wide and low deck for safe riding.
  • Large front wheels increases stability.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Foldable design makes it portable.


  • Turning can be a tad hard for first timers.



4.S SKIDEE Scooter

S SKIDEE Scooter

If you are worried about your child’s stability, the S Skidee scooter is here for rescue. It’s unique removable seat offers comfort and helps to learn balancing for fresh starters.

All the 3 wheels have LED lights on them which light up when the wheels roll. Looks amazing when kids are riding on it at night.

This unit is foldable and easy to carry anywhere you go. The best part is it comes in 7 colors, so that gives a bit of freedom whether you are buying for a boy or a girl.

The scooter operates using a lean to steer system. The child has to use his body weight to change direction. This is great for learning how to balance without unnecessary risk. If your child has autism, this would be a great model to consider.


  • Removable seat for security and comfort.
  • Folds into compact shape.
  • LED lights on all three wheels.


  • Assembling can be a bit complicated.



5.Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

Lascoota can be the best scooter for your 4-year-old kid. It doesn’t only look stylish, it’s safe and amazingly stable. We loved the additional helmet that comes with the model. Definitely worth purchasing.

Like the previous model, this one has a removable seat. The only addition is you can adjust the height to two settings. It grows with your kid and can support kids up to 10 years of age.

The deck is wide and has a low center of gravity. If this is your child’s first scooter, this should help him cope up with balancing and steering techniques. It’s a lean to steer model and requires a bit of body motion to control.

The materials for construction are mainly aluminum alloy and stainless steel. You can expect this to hold up against rough use. On the plus side, the brake system is better than most other models in the market.


  • Both the handlebar and the seats are adjustable.
  • Stainless steel brake can withstand rough riding and frequent skidding.
  • The deck is non slip and wide enough for keeping both feet.
  • Comes with a bonus helmet.


  • The handlebar can be difficult to adjust sometimes.



6.Huffy Kids Preschool Scooter

Huffy Kids Preschool Scooter

The Huffy kids is more of an indoor home scooter for preschoolers! It looks fancy and will keep your child entertained at home and on the pavement. The one thing that stands out is the bin on the handlebar. It’s perfect for carrying toys and snacks!

The front wheel design makes this scooter a lot stable and easy to learn on the get go. This doesn’t have a braking system and that’s the reason it’s mostly safe for indoor use.

The handlebar and the frame are made from steel. The manufacturer carefully covered everything with plastic to make it look really cool. You can adjust the handlebar a lot higher than most other models here.

The only complaint we have is the plastic cover can sometimes make noises as it comes in contact with the bolts. But it’s bearable by all means.


  • Basket on the handlebar for carrying toys and stuff.
  • Comes in lots of colors and child-friendly themes.
  • Front wheel design aids stability.


  • Can sometimes make noise as the plastic cover touches the bolts.



7.Mountalk 3 Wheel Scooters

Mountalk 3 Wheel Scooters

From the design perspective, Mountalk is in a class of its own. The cute dog front design is funny and makes kids absolutely love it. Want a recommendation on the best scooter for four-year-old kids? This is it!

You will have the option to adjust this scooter from 23.5-inch to 27.5-inch. So, it does have a bit of room to grow. The wheel design is innovative as it can withstand most foreign objects from getting stuck inside. Hats off to that!

It can look a bit flimsy because of the babyish look. But it’s not what it looks like. Most of the parts are made from metal, fiberglass and sturdy plastic. It’s meant to last for a long time. The only thing hard is turning and your kid needs some time to get used to the process.


  • Innovative wheel design makes riding on different terrains easy.
  • Child-friendly aesthetics.
  • Height can be adjusted between 3 setting.


  • Turning can be a bit hard for first timers.



8.I·CODE 3 Wheel Scooter

I·CODE 3 Wheel Scooter

The I Code scooter has updated dramatically, replacing the old clip lock system to the twisting lock system of the handlebar. This provides more security and hence made to this top 10 list.

The front wheels on this model have LED lights that flash with motion. And they are BIG enough to keep your child stable. The handlebar makes life easier as it can be adjusted from 25-inch to 35.3-inch height. This makes the scooter usable for more years to come.

The deck has anti-slip stripes for more security. On top of that, the frame is made from aluminum and carbon steel alloy to make it durable. We were overwhelmed by the fact that it’s foldable and it makes storing a lot easier.

Currently the scooter is available only in blue color. More color options would have been great.


  • Twisting lock system keeps the handlebar in place.
  • More than 10-inch of height adjustability.
  • Foldable design.


  • Only one color option available.



9.EEDAN Scooter

EEDAN Scooter

EEDAN is another great scooter for 4 year olds kids. The footboard on it is wider compared to the other models, which is just what you need for toddlers.

There are rubber pads covering the handlebar to make safe gripping. You also have the option to adjust the height from 25.6-inch to 35.5-inch. That’s a lot! Additionally, it’s durable as the construction is mainly aluminum.

The wheels are lightweight and feature LED light just like the other models. We found some issues with the wheels coming off. But it can be because of heavy use or just a one-off case.

We loved the color and typographical design on this scooter. There’s not a lot to choose from, nonetheless, most kids will love either of the available two designs.


  • Easy to grip rubber on handlebar.
  • The handlebar height is highly adjustable.
  • Wide footboard gives newbies confidence in riding.
  • Rear brake is easy to access.


  • Wheels might not last that long.



10.Allek Kick Scooter

Allek Kick Scooter

If nothing works for you, the Allek scooter might interest you! It’s a sleek scooter with thick and durable handlebar that can take a beating. With four gorgeous colors to choose from, your kid will love it from the get go.

Handlebars that have a twisting lock system are always better. This one has it. You can also adjust the height from 26-34-inch. It’s yet another grow with your kid model.

It features the lean to steer system that is more like a default option in scooters of this category. Rightfully so as it helps children to learn balancing better.

As soon as the wheel hit the surface, LED light bounces off and this is something toddlers are always fond of, whether it’s shoes, toys or scooters! Keep in mind, sometimes the packaging might be a bit smelly. Just air it out. Other than this, the scooter is well worth purchasing.


  • Wide deck for comfortable riding.
  • Thick and durable handlebar.
  • Twist locking system is more secure.
  • Height is adjustable.


  • Packaging can be smelly sometimes.



FAQ On 4-year-Old Kids Scooter

1. Does a scooter need to have brakes for my 4 year old?

Brakes are handy but not always mandatory in 3 wheeled scooters. The low deck design and the support of 3 wheels makes it safe. However, having brakes is a bonus, makes your child habituated to use it and provides additional safety if he speeds up too much.

2. All the scooters for 4-year-old kids 3 wheeled?

3 wheeled scooters are most stable among any scooter categories. Children at this age don’t have a great sense of balance as such these scooters help them to develop that sense and prepare for more advanced models.

Conclusion and Editor’s Choice

When analyzing products, there’s got to be a ‘best’ among the rest! In this case, the best scooter for 4 year old kids is Razor Jr.Lil’ Kick Scooter.

There’s lots of other models that are packed with features like LEDs, brakes and what not. But this Razor model is simple, doesn’t look too childish and most important comes in a budget. When you consider the fact that your child won’t be using the same scooter for years, most parents would want to invest in something that does the job and saves money to buy a two-wheeler later.

Well, if your kid is more of a funky one and doesn’t get satisfied easily, you can choose any of the other models that comes with rich features! Do let us know what scooter you loved most.