7 Best Water Slide Bounce House 2022- Keep Sliding & Bouncing

When you are looking for the best water slide bounce house, you are almost caught in a frenzy!  Every one of them looks awesome. But indeed only a few are worth it.

Summer time hits hard. And the only thing that could make your kids run and enjoy is a bounce house. We took price, quality of the material and the fun factor in consideration.

We think these 7 models justify these factors effectively. Here’s what we got for you!

7 Best Water Slide Bounce House 2022

1.Little Tikes Inflatable Slide Bouncer House

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes is an irresistible bounce house water slide combo! Its two enormous slides will give kids the thrill of a lifetime with cool sprinklers keeping down the temperature. Make the most out of your backyard with this stuff.

This water slide can handle as much as 350 lbs and that’s good enough for 4 kids having a go at the same time. Kids can bounce around below the climbing area and splash in the pool to get refreshed.

For safety, there’s netting at the peak of the slides and the climbing surface has grooves for feet placement. It’s best to use the slide with water but it’s still smooth enough to use dry.

The bouncer comes with a blower that can efficiently fill this enormous thing within a few minutes. The 30-ft power cord is a great addition that minimizes the need for extension cords.

Monitored usage can help the bouncer to last for a couple of seasons but as we know kids are rough. Still, a season of use can be worth the purchase considering how expensive the rental slides are.


  • Net enclosure at the top section for safety.
  • Double slide adds double fun.
  • Dump bucket on top keeps the kids wet and cool.


  • Hard to clean.



2.Blast Zone Pirate Bay Bouncer House

Ahoy! The best water slide bounce house is here! With this Blast zone slide your kids will get the best of both worlds- sliding and bouncing together. The spacious pool area is a bonus that makes it worth every penny.

This stuff is made from commercial grade Vinyl and it’s way more durable and resistant to tearing than normal PVC materials. It can handle 300 lbs, so it will keep most kids inside.

There are two water canons that continuously shoot water at low intensity. It’s safe and fun for toddlers. Kids can access the bounce area through a tunnel under the slide- quite interactive!

Setting this up shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes using the included inflator machine. You just have to wait for the water to fill up the pipes.

Keep in mind, the top part doesn’t have a netting system. So, we recommend keeping an eye on the kids. The pool area could have had a bit of cushioning. But we don’t think it’s much of a problem.


  • True bouncer experience for kids.
  • Interactive tunnel experience.
  • Wide and spacious pool makes it breathable.
  • Top grade durable construction.


  • The top of the slide doesn’t have netting.



3.Bounceland Jump and Splash Bounce House

Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure Bounce House Bouncer

You just can’t keep Bounceland out when it comes to bounce houses. This model has the same durable and puncture proof material and the bounce area is a lot bigger than some of the other models.

It can support up to 300 lbs. Kids who love to bounce can enjoy bouncing inside the net enclosure. And when they get tired, they can slip out of the area and dive in the pool.

The slide isn’t that long. However, the sprinkler system makes it really fun. Toddlers might find it more thrilling and enjoyable than larger kids.

The blower on this model is sufficiently strong and inflates the unit fast. The tubes are long and keep the noise at bay. We loved the color and look of this model. Once you get this, your backyard will never look the same again.


  • Basketball hoop inside the bouncer area.
  • Net enclosure keeps bouncing kids safe.
  • Tough and durable construction.
  • Long tubes allows the blower to be places far away.


  • It would be great if there have more space at the bottom of the slide when the kids slide down.



4.Blast Zone Shark Park Bouncer

If you want the best bounce house with a water slide, you can hardly ignore the Blast Zone Shark Park. The 80 sq ft pool is awesome for refreshing in the hot summer climate.

The shark theme keeps kids drooling over it. What’s best is the tunnel path that connects to the bounce house. Toddlers will never forget the experience.

We loved the slide on this model as it’s quite long and gives an ecstatic experience. The pool area is spacious enough for a number of kids to play together.

Once you buy this bouncer, it should last a few seasons. The construction is commercial grade vinyl and a mix of polyester. It can handle pretty heavy usage without any ruptures.


  • Water sprinklers keep the slide wet.
  • True bouncer experience.
  • Lasts a long time as the material is sturdy.
  • Crawl tunnel is exciting.


  • Not suitable for big kids.


5.Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

Little Tikes Slam n Curve Slide

The little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve is more of a slide than a bounce house that can replace your regular inflated pool or standalone bouncers. Kids go crazy when they slide across the curved slide and splash onto the pool.

What’s more? There’s a basketball hoop beside the climbing area. Most kids love playing basketball in water. In total 5-6 kids can occupy the bounce house up to 350 lbs combined weight.

The climbing area is made safe for toddlers and it is positioned a bit higher than the pool for limiting slippery experience. If you manage to dry it out, it will fold into a compact shape and minimize storage space.

You will need to use the heavy-duty blower that comes with the package to inflate this stuff and the stakes to anchor it. We found that the stitching isn’t that strong. But it’s good enough to last more than a season.


  • Pool area has tough plastic to withstand heavy usage.
  • Bonus basketball hoop.
  • Safe climbing surface.
  • Long and curved slide gives thrilling experience.


  • Might not last long as the stitching isn’t that strong.



6.Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water Slide

This crocodile themed slide+bounce house combo is one of the most favorite stuff in the kid’s market. With 8-ft height, it’s a giant slide that can accomodate 5 kids without any issues. Even bigger kids within 100 lbs can have a go at it.

Because of the Vinyl fabric, this bounce house can take a beating. The two slides at either side are immensely fun and the large pool area helps to keep cool during the summer heat.

The pool area can hold a lot of water. You can also drain it out with ease as it’s not too deep. There are sprayers on both the slides keeping the water flow constant. With the help of the blower, this can be set up in no time.

Get this slide if you want to enjoy multi-dimensional experience and save money in the process.


  • Large bag for storing.
  • Blower connects to the back of the slide that minimizes noise.
  • As much as 6 kids can fit in.
  • Sprayers keep the temperature cool.


  • This thing is heavy and tough to carry.


7.Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide

Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide with Large Pool

Despite being a tad small, this bounceland model is one of the best water slide bounce houses on the market. Don’t worry! The size is perfect for kids in the 2-10 years range.

The material used for building this is puncture proof and keeps its shape for years, unlike other bounce houses that last only a season or two at best. It can handle 400 lbs with no issues.

The design makes the unit interactive and fun. Kids can excess the tunnel that does underneath the slide and climb up the inflated staircase. There are two big hand rails for support. When they reach the top of the slide, they can bounce around inside and then splash into the pool.

The blower comes with long tubes. This allows you to place the blower a bit away from the bouncer. So, the noise is barely audible.

If you are looking to buy a bouncer exclusively for kids, this is the one to get


  • Durable and puncture proof material.
  • Interactive tunnel design.
  • Long tubes keeps the blower away.
  • Higher rails on slider for safety.


  • Not big enough for adults to join in.




We are at the end of this post! We could have elongated this list to a few more models. However, we think these are the best water slide bounces in the market. Residential bounce houses are mainly built for kids. So, as an adult, you are better off monitoring them. Despite that, some of these models can accommodate 1-2 adult persons. Just keep in consideration the weight limit.