6 Creative Ways to Save Money on Baby – (Every Mom Should Know)

How much should a parent need to expense on a baby? By the way, it varies from person to person. But sometimes we spend a lot which is unnecessary.

An average middle-class family needs to think about it. In an organized way, anyone can save money on the baby.


Here, I am going to show you some creative ways to save money on the baby.

Without wasting time let’s forward to the points-

Listing your must-have items

Always, start your shopping by listing first. The benefit is, you will not miss a single item that you need and will not buy the unnecessary items.

Don’t inspire by some tricky advertisements or your neighbor. Others may be needing that product but you don’t need that.

So, listing your must-have item wisely.

Save money on food

What is more important for a baby? Yes, it is food. Everyone should conscious of it. Baby foods are usually soft or liquid paste. There are many producers produce ready-made baby food. You can also make them at home. To reduce cost, making baby food at home is an effective way.

Let’s go into deep to know more;

  • Breastfeed

Baby don’t need extra food if you are able to breastfeed up to 6 months of a baby. It is healthier than any food. Plus, it can save you $1000 in a year. It’s a lot huh!

  • Make baby’s food own

If your baby is more than 6 months old, then you should give him/her some soft or liquid paste food. You can make them with vegetables, fruits etc. it is not necessary that baby food should be bought from the store.

Take advantage of the online purchase

Nowadays, some apps give out a discount if you purchase through the app. And you can use online coupon from certain websites that give discount. So, if you need to purchase from producer’s, then use the discount option to reduce your cost.

Save money on clothing and gear

Clothing and safety gear or other items for baby’s need to change frequently. So, you can save money here if you get a decent used product.

The next question is where to find them. Here I can give you some tips;

  • Craigslist

You can find amazing deals on baby’s clothing, toys, safety gear on craigslist. But you have to be conscious that those are in decent condition.

  • Re-sale items on local sites

Nowadays reselling is getting popular. For that reason, there is a lot of resale sites available. You can have a look at that.

  • Social media group

We all are now connected to social sites. So, why don’t take advantage of that? There is some resale items group. You can join with them to get yours.

Save money on diaper

One of the essential and must-have items. Normally, we need to change 8 diapers per day for a newborn baby. It will cost more than $1000 for a year for a baby. A lot to think about it. From my observation, there are two ways to reduce the cost.

  • Cloth diaper

Cloth diapers are reusable. If you have 20 cloth diapers, then you can wash them and reuse them after getting it dirty. So, it is a super cost effective. You just need to expense on washing detergent.

  • Buy the bulk amount of disposable diaper

You can buy disposable diaper either online or from your local store. But you should buy a bulk amount. Why? By buying a bulk amount, you will get a huge discount.

Sell old stuff

As your baby gets older you will find some unusable but in decent condition items. What to do with those. However, I have previously given you ideas about getting old stuff. You can use those medium to sell your old stuff also.

You can get back a minimum of 40 percent of your buying price. So, why miss that opportunity? It will reduce your overall cost.


Don’t be a miser on your baby but be smart on expending to benefit financially. Hope this article will help you in saving your hard-earned money.

Happy parenting!!