Guest Post On Parentloves

Hey! Thank you so much for your interest in guest posting on ParentLoves. 

Our site aims to be a go-to guide for anyone who needs help with baby care and parenting in general. ParentLoves is the perfect platform to share your parenting wisdom with people who could really use your insights. 

You can send an email with your proposal on parentloves573 @ spaces). Please carefully read the eligibility criteria mentioned below before sending the email. It will save both of us some precious time: 

Topics We Are Currently Accepting: 

  • Pregnancy. 
  • Postpartum. 
  • Childbirth.
  • Newborn and baby health, care, and development. 
  • Nursing, breastfeeding, bottle feeding. 
  • Baby clothes, diapers, furniture.
  • Sleep training, potty training. 
  • Newborn, toddler, and pre-teen behaviour. 
  • Extracurricular, recreational activities for children.
  • Family holidays, tips for traveling with babies. 
  • Useful parenting hacks, inspiration, empowerment.

Topics We Like to Avoid: 

  • Anything written in a harsh, negative, derogatory tone. 
  • Anything too controversial. 
  • Anything political in nature. 

Make Sure Your Article Meets the Following Criteria: 

  • My editorial team has a ridiculously standard when it comes to publishing guest posts. The post you want to submit has to be 100% unique (no pre-published or shared material, please).  
  • It must be SEO-optimized, fluff-free, insightful, and intelligently formatted for easy reading (with eye-catching subheadings and small paragraphs).
  • The word count of the guest posts may vary between 800-2000 words, depending on the topic.
  • Feel free to include relevant facts and cite sources for credibility. 
  • Your post has to vibe with the tone and feel of ParentLoves. 

How to Submit Your Guest Post:

  • Please get in touch with me with your guest post idea before submitting. 
  • You will have to submit the post in the form of Google doc via email. Don’t forget to include the link to your blog and social media platforms in your pitch.
  • Kindly refrain from sharing the post on other sites until you hear back from my team. 
  • Once (and if) the post is published and live on our site, you can share it on social media but please do not copy or share the post on your blog. 

We will thoroughly review your guest post idea and if it fits the bill, you can start writing. Don’t worry. We don’t take ages to reply unless Sunday or Christmas or Christmas on a Sunday. 

Looking forward to working together,