How Much To Spend On A Baby Shower Gift?

Diaper parties, baby showers, stork teas… whatever you call them, they’re a special celebration where we welcome the arrival of a new life into the world. Here’s the ultimate guide if you are due to attend a baby shower soon and you’ve been wondering how much to spend on a baby shower gift?

When deciding how much money you should be spending on a baby shower gift, consider your relationship with the parents-to-be and your budget. For example, a close family member could spend upwards of $100, whereas a more distant relation or friend could spend around $25. 

The decision around what to spend on a gift is a very personal one, and today, we’re going to look at what you should consider as well as some clever gift ideas to ensure that when your gift is opened, it gets all the “ooh’s” and “ah’s” that go with great baby shower gifts. 

What Should I Be Spending On a Baby Shower Gift?

Baby showers are beautiful celebrations with the special people in your life.

Whether you’re a close family member or the relationship is a little more distant, here’s what you need to know:

How Much Should Close Family Spend On Baby Shower Gifts?

People who are very close to the expectant parents are likely to want to spend between $50 and $100 and even up to $200 on baby shower gifts. 

Having a baby can be expensive, and the new parents will be very appreciative of big items – but you don’t want to go into debt over a gift, so make sure that this amount is in your budget. 

How Much Should A Friend Or Distant Family Member Spend?

If you fall into this category, you can budget between $40 and $80 for a gift.

When deciding how much to spend for a baby shower gift for a friend or distant relative, we aim to spend between $40 and $80. 

How Much Should A Co-worker Or Distant Friend Spend?

If it’s a colleague or distant friend, don’t feel obliged to spend a lot of money on a gift.

It really is more of a gesture in this instance. A reasonable budget here is between $15 and $25

How Much To Spend On Group Gifts?

Group gifts, especially for big-ticket items, are a fantastic idea, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

A group gift is a win-win situation because everyone can put in what they can afford, and the new parent receives something they need but may have been harder to afford.

Just make sure that everyone signs the card so that the new parent knows who contributed. 

This is also a great solution if the new parent works in an organization where the colleague wants to gift their co-worker with something ahead of the big day. 

Does The New Parent Have A Gift Registry?

Many expectant parents choose to set up a gift registry ahead of the birth.

We think this is a great idea to ensure they are gifted the things they need and don’t receive a bunch of duplicate items.

The jury is out on whether it is good etiquette to put the registry details on the invitation.

So if there are no details listed on the invitation, be sure to ask the baby shower host whether the parents-to-be have created a baby gift registry anywhere. 

If they have put together a registry, it probably includes the bigger items – such as car seats and strollers.

These large items are perfect gifts for a soon-to-be grandparent to purchase. However, it should also include mid-budget and smaller items, which are great for people who simply want to give a token gift. 

Feel free not to buy from the registry if you want to buy them something unique – the sort of thing you’re sure they would love.

Or perhaps you couldn’t do without it when you were a new parent. But be sure to keep the gift receipt just in case they need to exchange the item – and please don’t take offense if they do. 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas 

When buying a baby shower gift, think about the expectant parents, their personalities and lifestyles.

For example, if they’re super eco-conscious, you may want to consider that in your choice of fabrics and toiletries.

If they love to travel, then travel-friendly accessories are a great idea. 

We’ve already mentioned the big-ticket items, but what else might a new parent need?

  • Swaddling blankets – especially the muslin ones because they’re so incredibly versatile. 
  • Bathtime accessories to make bath-time easier, such as a baby bath support cradle
  • Clothes – but don’t just go with newborn baby clothes, and consider what age they will be during the different seasons. 
  • Toys – bath toys, playmats, mobiles – so many adorable toys are available.
  • Diapers – it’s not the cutest, but if the parents are planning to use disposable diapers, popping a bag of diapers in with your gift is a great idea. 
  • Toiletries – wipes, cleaning products, so many things to choose from in this category. Adding one or two small toiletry items to your gift will undoubtedly be appreciated, but another idea is to create a lucky packet gift with a whole assortment of small things they may need. 
  • Diaper bags – think about the parents’ style and try to find something appropriate. 
  • A gift for the new parents – something unique and thoughtful for the new parents is always well-received. Think about something that will help them feel a bit pampered or make their lives easier in those crazy first few days of life with a new baby. 

Whatever you buy, keep the gift receipt so that the new parents can exchange any duplicates or anything they don’t need. 


Baby showers are beautiful celebrations of new additions to our tribes.

But, ultimately, no matter what you land up buying for the expectant parents, it is the thought that counts. Don’t go into debt by buying gifts you can’t afford. And have fun!