How to Get Rid of Baby Diaper Rash

“1 in every 3 babies wearing diapers are subject to diaper rash”-

As a mother, there are tons of things to look after. And when simple things like diapers can also cause problems, it becomes so much hectic.

I was going through the same struggle. The babies kept developing rashes and I had zero idea on how to get rid of them.

So, I started reading some books, talked with doctors and then made my own diaper rash plan.

I got 8 very simple tactics to prevent diaper rash and these should be enough to keep you away from visiting a doctor.

But first, you should know the causes behind diaper rash.

Reasons Behind Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is simply inflammation of your baby’s skin caused by the contact of the diapers. It causes red spots that can irritate your baby and make him cry uncontrollably. Here are the reasons:

  • Constant rubbing of the thighs and genitals against the diaper
  • Contact with urine or stool
  • Chemicals inside the diapers
  • Extra sensitive baby skin
  • Bacterial or yeast infection (requires a doctor’s consultation)

8 Simple but Effective Ways to Tackle Diaper Rash

1. Keep Your Baby Dry and Clean

Probably the most common cause of diaper is a wet diaper. It happened with my baby’s at the beginning when I didn’t know when to change the diapers.

I quickly figured out it was best to change diapers every 3-4 hours depending on the frequency of your baby’s excretion. And always, change the diaper at night before the long sleep.

When you are traveling keep a handy diaper bag with you always. So, you can change on time. 

2. Talc-free Dusting Powder

People have been using talc powders for years now. It helps to dry out the baby’s skin. However, talc powders might cause lung cancer when inhaled. Even if you use one, look for an asbestos-free formula.

Alternatively, you can use a talc-free dusting powder that has corn starch and arrowroot. But apply carefully, so your baby don’t inhale the substances.  

3. Shift to Organic Diapers

If your baby has sensitive skin, the best cure for diaper rash is organic diapers that have no artificial chemicals. These diapers are made from plant based materials like wood pulp and organic cotton. So, the chances of rash becomes limited.

Traditional diapers have all sorts of chemicals that can cause rashes and other skin problems. Once I shifted to chemical-free diapers, I started seeing improvement in my baby’s skin.

4. Alter the Diet Plan

Sometimes the diet plan can also be the major culprit behind rashes. If you are feeding too much fruit juice, your baby’s stool will be more acidic. So, contact with such substances can cause rash.

You can change his diet a little bit and rely more on water and non-acidic juices. I preferred apple and pear juice over other juices. What about you?

5. Don’t Use Diaper All the Time

During the day, try to keep your baby diaper-free as much as possible. Let her skin get some air. The more she remains dry, the lesser the chance of rashes.

I used diapers only when we went outside for a long period and when my baby went to sleep. Keep the diaper-free time to at least 4-5 hours a day if possible

6. Use Warm Water to Wipe

Ditch the alcohol based wipes. Some babies are allergic to alcohol and certain chemicals found in baby wipes.

Instead, use only warm water to clean them. You can a bit of mild soap to water and make your own cleanser. Trust me, I used this tactic and I was lucky enough to do it.

It might look like a hassle but once you get into the habit, it will become easier.

7. Keep the Diaper Loose

Tight diapers hold stools and urine best— Wrong!! It’s a common mindset that might be one of the biggest reasons behind rashes.

Keep the areas around the waist and thighs loose. Your baby’s skin should get enough air to keep the area dry.

You can also use cloth diapers for better breathability. However, you need to wash them with very mild soap as it can irritate your baby’s skin.

8. Use a Diaper Rash Cream and Moisturizer

If you don’t know what to use for diaper rash, just get a good rash cream that has zinc oxide. Read the label always and buy only the best reviewed items for your baby.

You can also use a non-petroleum moisturizer on the unaffected skin to protect against rashes.

Final Thoughts

Other than these 8 tactics, most parents overlook this— washing their hands regularly. You need to keep your hands clean and wash everytime before and after diaper change.

If you follow these tips, I’m sure you can keep the rashes at bay. However, for severe cases of rashes, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor.

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