How to Prevent Breastfeeding Shoulder Pain – (Tips & Exercises)

Being a new mother has its own perks and peaks. You enjoy your motherhood with various phenomena from breastfeeding to nurturing in all the ways. You have to tackle every situation while raising your toddler. But, one of the most common problems that every mom has to face is breastfeeding shoulder pain.

Well, you have to breastfeed your baby after every 1 or 2 hours until he becomes 6 months older. And that takes a lot of patience and body stamina. Today, we are going to discuss all the depth of the causes and prevention of shoulder pain while breastfeeding.

Causes Of Shoulder Blade Pain While Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is completely a joyful experience of motherhood if you know how to deal with your postures and position while breastfeeding. So, let’s know the causes.

One of the biggest reasons for shoulder blade pain for new moms is lowering the head to the infant multiple times. While you look down to your infant for breastfeeding or other purposes it increases the pressure on joint, muscle, and blade of the neck and shoulder.

Naturally, when you look straight forward, your neck and shoulder go through ten pounds pressure on them. But when you look down or lower your neck for about 20-30 minutes at a stretch, the pressure becomes 6 times (60 pounds). So, an increased level of pressure on the neck and shoulder blade causes pain. Sometimes, the pain becomes chronic for new moms. Then, they have to rush to the doctors to treat the pains.

Similarly, repetitive nursing position and improper position you use while feeding each time can cause a strain to the neck.  Sometimes, the strain reaches to the mid back, lower back, and causes headache too.

5 Ways To Prevent Breastfeeding Shoulder & Neck Pain:

Breastfeeding pain spreading to shoulder is not a major issue. You can treat it following some easy steps.

Give Support To Your Boobs:

Breasts size and shape change when you breastfeed for years. Sometimes, the breasts size become larger than you can ever think after pregnancy. So, the sudden additional weight gradually pulls you down and cause the upper back to curve forward.  In a meanwhile, the neck is being pulled forward. So, it occurs overstretched upper back muscles and chest muscles become short and tight.

You have to remember; larger breasts need more support. There comes the necessity to buy a good quality of nursing bra. Nursing bras are designed with wider straps and fitted for larger breasts. A professionally designed bra ensures lesser stress on the back and shoulder.

Else, you can pump out milk from the breasts and bottle feed your baby. This could be one of the effective ways to relieve the back strain also.

Try Multiple Nursing Postures:

Which posture usually you prefer to breastfeed your baby? Well, there are many postures moms do love to follow. But, staying in the same posture every time when you breastfeed is one of the worst ideas.

You can try to feel confined on the classic rocking chair. Some moms love to breastfeed their babies sitting on the couch or chair. But you can put your baby on your chest instead of leaning down.

Otherwise, you can lay down beside your baby on the bed and breastfeed him. These steps are going to allow an ergonomic posture. So, you are going to get relieved from any existing strain of your back, shoulder, and neck.

Use A Cervical Pillow:

If the spinal curve stays in the proper position, there would be no risk of occurring pain. To keep the spinal curve position properly you can use a cervical pillow.

Heat Bag:

There are many moms out there who know the importance of the heat bag to reduce strain or pains. In addition, let us talk about it again. Using a heat bag while breastfeeding across the neck and shoulders is tend to relax the over-stressed muscle. It increases the milk flow too.

Do Stretching Exercises:

Don’t stay lazy as you are a mom now and don’t be only involved with the baby work. Try some regular stretches and yoga on a daily basis. So, you will get tight upper back, and strain-free neck.

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Final Words:

Here we are done with our top 5 best solutions to reduce breastfeeding shoulder pain. Try them and let us know your feedback in the comment section.