How to Keep Your Family Healthy Through the Colder Months


When you hear the word winter, what does come to your mind? Lots of fun, snow and of courses winter diseases, right? So what can be the best way to enjoy the winter season without any interruption?

Well, let’s see how you can keep yourself and your family healthy during the colder months.


Maintain proper hygiene:

Winter is the season of cold and flu which is mainly caused by the virus. And we, especially the kids get easily infected by the virus if we don’t maintain the hygiene properly.

Our hand is the biggest source of virus germs and virus. So make sure to wash the hands properly every time- before eating, coming from outside and after using the toilet.

Teach your kids basic hygiene tips. Make sure the kids are taking their time and doing it properly not just a quick rinse. Don’t forget to wash the body after you come from outside. If possible make sure to make arrangement for warm water supply in the bathroom and sink.

Keep an eye on the foods:

Winter is the best time to enjoy all types of fruits and vegetables. So make sure to incorporate tons of vegetables and fruits in the daily menu. Sometimes the kids are picky about the vegetables. So try to form a habit of eating all the vegetables without nagging from an early age. This will keep them fit not only in the winter but all year round.

Daily intake of fruits will keep the immune system active and keep the flu and cold away. Plus the vitamins will also aid in preventing other diseases. Try to make different kid-friendly food each day and make sure the kids finish the plate each time.

On the other hand, try to cut as much sugar as possible from your daily meals.

Increase the water intake:

Our body is mostly build up with water. But water alone can take care of a lot of problem in our body. Water can keep you hydrated from within all day even when everything outside is dry.


Water also helps to flash all the toxic and impurity from out body which eventually aid in preventing some winder diseases. So make sure all the family member takes an adequate amount of water each day. Make them carry a water bottle when they are out so that they can stay hydrated even on the go. Try to replace soda or any other soft drink with water. Use fruits to flavor the water so that the kids can enjoy drinking the water. You can also try some pure fruits juice and smoothies as well.

Take supplements:

You can incorporate vitamin supplements in your daily routine to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C supplements is a common one to take in winter. You need to increase omega 3 fatty acids intake as well.

Stay warm:

The kids and the elderly person of the family are more prone to catching a cold with the temperature change in winter. So make sure to wear warm clothes during the whole time. You can also add a heater in the rooms to keep the house warm. If possible use a humidifier as well. Make arrangement to provide warm water in the shower as well. Try to avoid staying outside if not needed.

Stay active:

We all know how important it is to exercise on a regular basis to stay fit and healthy. You need to follow the workout routine even in the winter so that the immune system can work properly. You can also workout indoor if the weather is not favorable or go to the gym. A proper workout will keep your body warm and help you stay fit and healthy even in the winter.


Proper sleep is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So you need to follow a sleep routine so that you don’t sleep overtime since the weather is so nice and cozy. Again don’t cut out the sleeping time to get the work done. Practice maintaining the sleep routine all around the year to strengthen the immune system and stay healthy even in the old.


Final words:

Winter months are your opportunity to enjoy the life some extra. It’s time to go on a family tour, picnic or snow party.  But it will be so bad if you catch a cold and left behind, right? So try to follow a healthy lifestyle especially in the colder months of the year. Proper diet, exercise, and sleep can keep you going and help you fight the winter diseases. So follow your routine and enjoy all the goodness of winter without being sick.