7 Signs That You’re Spoiling Your Child

No one wants to raise a brat. Every parent is concerned about their kids. However, sometimes things go wrong and you’ll have to deal with it.

So, let’s check out top 7 signs that you’re raising a spoiled child-

1. Showing rude behavior to others

Is your child often rude to your guests, his peer group or you for no reason? Does he talk about people behind their back. These are only a few examples.

The ways of exhibiting disrespectful behavior varies from child to child. It could be eye-rolling, calling out names or maybe ignoring you while you are trying to discipline him.

If you notice such behavior then you must deal with the situation carefully.

2. Manipulating situation

This is a common situation for kids below 12 years. You may notice that he/she don’t want to go to school by faking the excuse of stomach ache. Often, they also don’t want to go out with parents by giving an absurd excuse.

Kids are smarter than you think. They easily can manipulate the situation against you. To deal with such situations, you have to be patient. By creating some strong rules and boundaries you can control your brat.

3. Is he/she interrupts continuously?

Another common sign of a brat child. Did you notice that your child interrupt while you are talking or busy with another person? If this happens frequently then you need to pay attention.

It is natural for your child to seek priority from you. And surely, they are your first priority. But you should establish rules to prevent that interruption while you are busy with others unless there’s a valid reason.

4. Fighting over small things

Your child may demand a toy or doll, when he/she already has a similar one. If you refuse to give what they want, they start throwing tantrums or behaving rudely with you. If this rings a bell and you should be worried.


However, you can always talk to your child and explain how his demands are unjustified. Explain to them why it is not right to demand things they already have. Be patient, and polite while talking.

5. Is your child showing off?

It is natural that your child will want brag about their success. But is the bragging over the line?

See, that’s where the problem lies. Sharing success with others and be proud of one’s achievements is cool. However, when you start bragging only to belittle others, that’s problematic. Know the difference.

6. The child won’t take No for an answer

Does your child start yelling or lock himself in the room if you stop them from doing something? For example, suppose he wants to have an ice cream while having a bad cough, or wants to play video game when he is having his tests tomorrow. You, being the responsible that you are, will have to say no to these.

will he yell at you if you do so? If yes then hold your ground. Don’t succumb to the yelling and tantrums. An ice cream or video game before exam day might seem petty right now. But if you keep letting him get away with this attitude, it’s going to create big problems for him in future.

7. Blaming others for their fault

Many of you may be familiar with this situation. Some kids always try to hide their fault by putting the blame on others. Like, “Mom, I swear I didn’t break the vase. The dog did it”. Or, “I didn’t smoke. My xyz friend forced me to”.

Yeah, right!

Don’t let them get away with this every single time. I’m not asking you to ground them right away. Instead, you can talk and  make them realize he should learn to accept his mistakes. Punishment can make things worse. So don’t take any severe action unless you really have to.


Children are the future of this country and also of our lives. And we, the parents, shape this future. A spoiled brant can never grow up to be a responsible adult.

So, if you are familiar with any or many of the scenarios mentioned above, time to take some action.