List Of Things You’ll Need After Birth


Giving birth to a new life is a wonderful feeling that I cherish everyday being a mother. But the first few months are very painful.

As a first time mother, I didn’t know what to do. I followed what the doctors told me. It was helpful but they won’t tell you everything.

So, I figured on my own. Without these 14 ESSENTIAL STUFF, which I will cover in this post, your postpartum period will be hard to live.

Before you get to the delivery bed make sure you have these things at your home. That’s the best advice I can give you as a mother.

Here is everything you need after your baby’s birth!

14 Stuffs You’ll Need After Birth

1. Sitz Spray- Ease Pain With Beneficial Herbs

The Sitz Bath spray from Motherlove is the ultimate way to reduce cramping after delivery. Just a few drops in the tub and immerse yourself in it. I’m sure the beneficial herbs will make you feel relaxed after a long hard day.

2. Underpads- You Will Need Plenty of Them

Underpads are life savers in postpartum period. You don’t want your bed to soak in blood and then sleep on it. Get loads and loads of underpads from the hospital. If it falls short, buy them from retail stores.

3. Disposable Underwear

Using just the underpads won’t prevent the bleeding. Disposable underwears are great to have. No washing and detergents. Use them and throw them. You can also use stock up your old undies and use them.

4. Lanolin- the Essential Nipple Cream

Lanolin is the best nipple cream you can find. With constant flow of milk and your baby’s sucking, your nipples will become sore and cracked. Before you start nursing, apply the nipple cream and you will be doing yourself a favor.

5. Baby Diapers- Simple Baby Stuff That Can Go Wrong!

You will need baby diapers and probably a lot of them. But normal diapers can cause rash and make your life more stressful. Instead, buy diapers that are chemical free and organic. I wish someone told me this before!

6. Nipple Shells and Nursing Pads- Not Forget This!

Agghh! It hurts when your nipples rub with your clothes. The solution— nipple shells. You can find them in the pharmacy or online.

For periods when you are not nursing, you will want to remain dry and clean. Put a nursing pad along with the nipple shells to stop overflow.

7. Nursing Bras

I didn’t know how uncomfortable it could be to wear a normal bra after delivery. I bought some nursing bras and found that they are gentle on the nipples. Even if you are not feeding, you can put them on.

8. Breast Pump

You can find lots of breastfeeding centers near you where they teach how to breastfeed in the right way. Alternatively, you can always use a manual or an electric breast pump. I started with the manual one and then I felt an electric pump would be worth investing in. So, I got one.

9. Stool Softener for the First Poop

If you are a first time mom, you probably don’t know this yet! The first poop after delivery can be painful. After all the stress and pushing, you won’t have any energy left. A simple stool softener will make your life easier.

10. Hot and Cold Pack

Get a hot and cold pack and keep it with you always. I was able to find peace when my husband insisted that I use it. The cold pack will keep the pain away and the hot pack will help increase blood circulation.

11. Squirt Bottle and Mild Soap

I had as many as 5 squirt bottle at my home after my baby’s birth. Put some mild soap mixed with warm water in it. Use it instead of toilet papers and thank me later!

12. Caffeine to Keep Headaches Away

Headaches are common after delivery. And I think a cup of coffee or green tea can help you relieve the pain. Caffeine is safe but don’t overdo it. Iced coffee is even better!

13. Water Bottle With Straw

You will feel thirsty during those first few months. You don’t need to feel like a camel searching for water in the desert. Keep a water bottle always with you. More preferably get the one with a straw.

14. Snacks and High Protein Meals

In the postpartum period, you will have frequent burst of craving for food. My husband bought lots of nuts and dried fruits, packed them in small quantities and put them beside my bed.

You can also keep some chocolates and honey sticks for instant energy.

Prepare high protein and healthy meals and freeze them. It’s great for your mental health too. Who wants to cook with a crying baby and painful body?