9 Powerful Tricks To Get Your Kids To Clean Up (And Love It)

Your child loves to play, right? But what he hates most is to clean up after playing. None of us born with a responsible mind. And that’s what our children are also! They are not born with responsibility.

Raising your child takes a lot of your physical work but brain game too. You can’t raise your child only with love and care. All you need to know how to handle them when they don’t know how to be responsible in their daily life activities.

How To Make Your Kid Cleaned Up?

If your baby is enough matured to take out the toys and play, he is enough matured to keep them back where they belong. Does it sound odd? You are the one who can bring the best in your child teaching him the way to make everything organized. So, let’s get to the real scenario of the things that you can do to train your kids to clean up.

1. Challenge Your Kid:

Kids love challenges in their play and work. You can’t scold or shout at him to make him responsible. Responsibility arises in a child’s behavior while he gets the opportunity to work in his freedom of choice. You can never seek for responsible behavior until he can’t work following his own will.

Sometimes, your baby takes the toys and play but don’t put them back. Don’t force him to put them. You can challenge him saying “Let me see if you can put them back or not!” It will increase his own will to accomplish the work and be prepared for the organized lifestyle by himself.

2. Make Him Understand:

Don’t just shout say “Put the toys on the shelf or I will punish you if you don’t organize your toys!” You can avoid being provoked with your kids. It’s not the way to treat them. You need to be his most favorite person and make him explain “why do we clean up or What is the necessity to clean up? When he understands the necessity of being cleaned up, trust me no one can stop him from his own responsibility.

3. Increase Awareness:

Awareness of doing own work plays a vital role in kids’ lives. What do you want to make your child – a leader or a follower? It fully depends on his early life activities. We are born to do our own work is a thought that you need to put in your kid’s head. So, make him aware of doing our own work makes us a better person.

4.Help Him!


Though your child is aware of doing his own work, he needs your help. If you just challenge your kids and instruct him, he won’t be able to attain his goal perfectly. In the very first attempts, he might not know how to organize toys and put them again in a basket or in the required place. So, you need to help him to organize the toys. In this way, he will learn the cleaning up process faster.

5.Let Him Do!

Remember no one in the world wants to clean his mess. The kids are the same too. They wouldn’t want to clean the mess by themselves. But, don’t be very hard on them by showing forceful behavior. If you notice he hasn’t enough willingness to clean his own mess, keep the toys out of his sight. Next time, when he wants to play and ask for the toys, tell him “As you don’t clean up your own toys, so you won’t get them.” This will make him realize that he needs to be cleaned up after playing if he wants his toys back.

6. Make Cleaning Up A game:

Kids never like boring pieces of stuff. It’s natural human nature. When the parent instructs their kids to do their work, they feel boring. So, we can make them feel excited and encouraged to do their work. If you have multiple kids, set a game between them. Tell them, “who can clean his own mess faster?” It will increase their will to win. They will feel encouraged to clean their mess for winning the game.

7. Entertain Them:

Don’t make their cleaning process a weight on their shoulder. Motivating is the best thing to apply for allowing your child to enjoy their game. Turn on good music enough longer for 20-30 minutes and tell your kid to complete his cleaning work before the music turned off.

8. Set Goals:

Likewise, the music, setting time limit for your kids will allow him to do the work with the full enthusiasm. Set a time goal of 20 minutes and ask him to finish his work within the time period.

9. Offer Him Reward:

It’s worth to offer your child some reward when he completes the cleaning as per your instructions. Giving him some reward for his achievement will encourage him to do his task attentively.

Final Words:

You can follow our tricks and apply to your child. Don’t apply any force on him. The best learning is self-learning. Let him learn in his own way and give him enough opportunity and helpful hand to do his clean-up work.

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