What To Prepare In A Nursery Room: Things To Know


As your tummy gets bigger and bigger over the months, you tend to think about things that will prepare your baby as she comes out of your womb. When your due date comes near, so is the idea of preparing your nursery room. However, not all mommies know what to prepare in a nursery room, especially for first-time mothers.

Luckily, the things you need to prepare in a nursery room don’t need to be as many as one would think. If you have hand-me-down toys or baby furniture and a baby monitor, you can store it there already until your baby is ready to use it. To help you with this, we’ve made a list of the much-needed things in a nursery room. Learn more about these important things by reading further down below.

Preparing The Nursery Room

Let’s get down to business and lay out everything you need and must do to welcome your newborn into your home. These are some of the things you need to do on what to prepare in a nursery room.

Some Tips and Guidelines

  • Choose a room that is almost as close as possible to your room. In this way, you can easily walk past through the door without any problems when your baby cries. It must be easy to access all the time.
  • Another tip when choosing the nursery room is about the sunlight present in the room as it is essential for them to feel the night and day for their body clock. However, you have to consider the crib’s location, as it should not be direct to sunlight.
  • When choosing the right flooring, opt for tiles or hardwood instead of carpet-style flooring as dust can easily pile up and is prone to allergic reactions.
  • Although we’ve mentioned that sunlight in the room is essential, place your baby’s bedding or mattress from indirect sunlight exposure.
  • If you plan on coloring the walls, opt for a more gentle and vibrant color. Overly bright colors such as red and blue are quite stimulating for a baby’s mind and can easily disrupt their ability to sleep. Neutral colors will do, for baby’s love it.
  • Another important thing for the room is it should have proper ventilation, babies are prone to heat retention, and having good circulation in the room works wonders. Invest in an air conditioner to help your baby sleep right away.


Nursery Room Must-Haves

Perhaps, being pregnant encourages you to invest in baby essentials. It is your time to look for stuff that is nurseries must-have. To help you with that, here are the baby essentials you need to put in the nursery. The nursery room should have the following things:

  • Cradle  

For newborns, a cradle is the best way to soothe and help them sleep easily. A reliable cradle is a good option and more secured compared to a crib.

  • Crib 

For the following months, when your baby outgrows its cradle, you may have to buy a crib.

  • Crib Mattresses 

Go for baby crib mattresses that are soft but not overly soft—just a little bit of in-between. A rock-hard mattress can easily disrupt their sleep and may provide unpleasant sensations or discomfort.

  • Musical Gadget  

Your nursery room should have a musical gadget that produces calming and soothing music for your baby to sleep fast. There are attachable speakers for the crib that are being sold in the market today; choose wisely. Perhaps you should also invest in baby furniture and baby monitor, as these are the perfect combination of musical gadgets.

  • Changing Table  

A changing table is essential for any nursery room. Ensure that it has a stable flat surface as you will be spending most of the time changing your baby’s diapers in these baby products.

  • Baby Drawer and Cabinets 

A baby drawer is also an essential component of any nursery room. Be sure that it fits all your baby’s clothes, diapers, and other baby essentials.

  • Baby Rocking Chairs  

If you like rocking chairs, you may also provide your baby with that for you and your baby.

For The Next Months

As your baby grows, they will outgrow some of the things and must have additional items present. This include:

  • After a few months, your baby should eventually know how to crawl and walk eventually. In this case, you may include or install a play mat in their nursery room.
  • If you want to develop your baby’s artistic side of things, you may include small chairs and tables or even painting tables.
  • Toy chests keep the nursery room clean-looking and organized. Go for toy chests that go with their height; in this way, they can easily open the chest and grab hold of their favorite toy.

Safety Measures

  • Whatever baby products you buy for your baby, ensure that it meets child safety standards.
  • Pay close attention to the overall construction of your baby’s crib. It should have reinforced bars to keep your baby from getting out of the crib.
  • Whenever you buy furniture for your baby, ensure that it has rounded edges, it reduces the risk of injuring your baby. Never go for sharp edges!
  • Cover exposed electrical wirings, and it shouldn’t have any open wirings in the first place. Secure every plug and cable.
  • Install safety devices such as baby monitors, bells, and CCTV if necessary. Remember, the health and safety of your baby are paramount.


Having a baby is both a blessing and a journey. Whether you prepare their nursery room or change their diapers, it is just only the beginning. The journey of parenthood is a tiring yet fulfilling one, as a parent, it is our duty to provide everything they need from the moment they were born.

In the end, it’s always the care and love for your baby the matters. No amount of baby furniture or baby monitor, and other gadgets can express the love you have for your child. I hope the tips and guidelines mentioned in this article helped you plan to prepare the nursery. Just follow the tips, and you’ll see how it works for your baby.