What To Write In A Baby Shower Card 

Baby showers are special celebrations where you share in the joy and excitement of the parents-to-be. Choosing a thoughtful gift and card, especially a book, is always a pleasure. But writing a meaningful message is where we can have a problem. What do you write in a baby shower card or book?

In a baby shower card, write personal messages of congratulations, wishes for health and happiness, memories, or funny comments. Write a story-related note in a baby shower book. In thank you cards, include thanks for attending and organizing the event, the gift, the card, and the sentiments.

At some baby showers, the guest of honor reads out all the cards.

You may feel pressured to write something funny, original, or creative. What if inspiration doesn’t strike?

Let’s look at some ideas for what to write in a baby shower card, book, or thank you card.

What To Write In A Baby Shower Card

Most parents-to-be keep the baby shower cards and look back on them in the future.

Writing something memorable is essential, but more important is writing a message from the heart.

Addressing A Baby Shower Card

Address your message in the card to both parents-to-be and any other children in the family as follows: 

  • Dear Anna and Pete
  • To the whole Stevens family
  • My beloved sister, Liz, and dearest Ken

What To Write: Congratulations 

Having a baby is a joyful occasion, so messages should be positive, supportive, and enthusiastic. Try to include both parents and siblings in the wishes.

  • So happy for you all! 
  • Congratulations on the new member of the Johnson family!
  • What a lucky baby you are, to be born into such a loving family!
  • You are going to make wonderful parents.
  • Your new baby will be so blessed to have such a fantastic mom, dad, and big brother.
  • We can’t wait to meet baby Thomas! 

What To Write: Wishes For Health And Happiness 

Parents-to-be are often concerned about the birth and the health of mom and baby. You can focus your wishes on the last months of pregnancy, the run-up to adoption, or the family’s future.

  • Wishing you good health for the rest of your pregnancy, and best wishes on delivery day.
  • All the best for you and your baby as you prepare to meet each other.
  • Your friends at Christ Church are praying for a safe and healthy delivery for mom and baby. 
  • You’ve got all the love and wisdom to be an amazing mom.

What To Write: Personal Messages

Personal messages are for family members or old friends – you can share a precious memory, parenting experience or wisdom (especially if you’re a grandparent), or a sentimental touch.

  • I’m so happy to be sharing this exciting time with my beloved daughter. 
  • It means so much to be with you as you get ready to welcome your baby son – and my first grandchild!
  • We are your village and will always be here for you as you raise this baby Benjamin.
  • The three uncles can’t wait for the new little guy to join the family football team!

What To Write: Funny Messages

If you know the parents-to-be well, you can write a silly and amusing message and tease them gently.

Having children is a huge responsibility, so seeing the lighter side is fun.

Before you write something inappropriate, remember that the card will probably be read aloud in front of aunts, grandmothers, and neighbors.

  • Don’t worry. Parenthood gets easier after the first 18 years. 
  • Can’t wait to see you replace restaurant dinners with diapers in your budget!
  • Say goodbye to sleep! Sleeping like a baby means lots of crying, bottles, and diaper changes!
  • Wow, Harris Baby #5! You two know about the birds and the bees, right?
  • To test if you are ready for a baby, try putting pajamas on a cat.
  • Tiny hands, tiny feet, and a lot of trouble!

Messages For An Adopted Child In A Baby Shower Card

A baby shower for an adopted baby is super special, as you’ve probably shared the adoption journey with all its joys and heartaches.

The baby will often have arrived when the baby shower happens – and the child may already be a toddler, not a baby.

  • This precious little person was meant for you, and you for him. Warmest congratulations!
  • Alicia simply couldn’t have picked a better family. Congratulations!
  • Celebrating with you as you welcome this bundle of joy into your lives and hearts. 
  • We love seeing your dream come true. Baby Josh was definitely worth the wait!
  • Wishing you a lifetime of happiness with baby Grace!
  • Welcome to the world, little one! So thrilled that you are finally here.

What To Write In A Baby Shower Book

Bringing a book as a baby shower gift is a lovely idea, particularly if you share a favorite from your childhood. The book you choose to give is as much a message as what you’ll write.

Addressing A Baby Shower Book

The message in a baby shower book is usually addressed to the child and written on the first blank page of the book. 

What To Write: Book-Themed Messages

A personal message about the book and how you loved reading it is extra special. Notes about the parents and the baby reading together are also lovely.

  • I am so happy to share my favorite book with you, baby Dave! I know you’ll love it as much as I do.
  • Dear Jake, a lifetime of adventures begins with a story a day – enjoy reading these with your dad!
  • May this little book open the world of reading to you.
  • This lovely story has a special place in my heart – just like you do! 
  • Dear little one, may your life be full of wonderful bedtime stories and snuggles and more laughs than you have room to contain. 
  • May your life be full of love – and your shelves be full of books!

What To Write: Christian Messages

For a children’s bible or book of Bible stories, if you know it is appropriate and will be appreciated, choose a Bible verse or blessing.

  • “Children are a gift from the Lord.” Psalm 127:3
  • Jesus said: “Let the children alone, and don’t prevent them from coming to me. God’s kingdom is made up of people like these.” Matthew 19:14
  • May God bless you, a precious gift from God.

What To Write In A Baby Shower Thank You Card

Parents-to-be are literally showered with gifts for the new baby. It is vital to write a personal thank you card to each person for attending the baby shower and their contribution.

At the baby shower, make sure you have a friend or family member responsible for recording who gave each gift and card so that you can thank people specifically and name the present in the thank you card.

Addressing A Baby Shower Thank You Card

Always address the card personally – do not use a general printed message. Address the gift-giver:

  • by name: Dearest Janet
  • by family relationship: My beloved Auntie Bella
  • by work relationship: To all my kind colleagues at Jolly Print
  • by title: Dear Mrs. Daniels.

What To Write: Thank You Message For Baby Shower

The reason for the card is to express your gratitude, so make sure that’s the main message you give. Express thanks for the organization of and attendance at the baby shower, the gift, and the good wishes. 

Thank You For Attending The Baby Shower 

  • Thank you so much for joining my baby shower. I really appreciate your love and support.
  • Thank you for helping me celebrate our newest arrival. Having you there meant a lot to me.
  • I’m so grateful to have a friend like you in my life to celebrate our family’s joy. 

Thank You For The Gift And Card

  • To my thoughtful co-workers, thank you for the generous gift voucher! I’ll miss you all while I’m on maternity leave.
  • Thank you for the beautiful set of linen for the baby’s bed. It matches the baby’s room perfectly.
  • Wow! Thanks for the pram organizer – I was looking at one last week. As always, you know exactly what I need!
  • Thank you for the prayers and blessings – they mean so much to us. We love the beautiful book and can’t wait to read it to baby Maddie.

Thank You For Organizing The Shower

  • It was so kind of you and the team to organize a surprise baby shower for me! I am touched and delighted.
  • We will always appreciate the love and support you showed by hosting the baby shower at your home. What a beautiful day!
  • My dearest sister, Maria! Thank you so much for organizing our baby shower. I know it’s tricky to get the whole family together and still keep it a surprise!
  • Thank you for a perfect baby shower. You know me so well, my friend, and made it special.


Getting swept up in the excitement of a baby shower is delightful, with the gifts and games.

Take time to express your good wishes and love in a thoughtful card or present, especially a baby book.

Moms and dads must take time afterward to thank everyone for organizing and attending the shower and for their generosity.