When Can You Put Baby in Stroller without Car Seat


Well, it is hard to tell you a specific age as there is no definitive guide on a topic like this. But normally, you shouldn’t use a stroller without car seat until your baby is 5-6 months old.

But this is not the end of story. Depending on the design of the stroller, you can stop using car seat for smaller babies too.

Here’s some more insight:

Buying the Right Stroller

Although many stroller manufacturers recommend that you use a car seat for babies under 6 months, some strollers are suitable for smaller babies too

My colleague had twins about 3.5 months ago and she already puts them directly in the stroller. I’ve seen them myself. They look quite comfortable and happy in their stroller.

Both of them have really great neck strength at such a young age. They can sit upright for a few minutes without any issue. However, they do start leaning back after 10-15 minutes.

Thankfully, the double umbrella stroller she uses has adjustable seats which can be fully reclined. If you can get your hands on a stroller like that, go ahead! Let your little one enjoy a smooth ride and take naps in a stroller.

If you really have to use a stroller before he is old enough to sit up on his own, here are a few things you can do:

  • Make sure the recliner you are buying can fully or at least partially recline.
  • Avoid buying a jogging stroller as these are strictly designed for children above 6 months. While this type of strollers are great for a smooth ride along the beach or around amusement parks, the seats do not recline.


Right Time to Replace Car Seat with Stroller Seats

Still not sure when to put baby in stroller without car seat? Here’s what I did:

I decided not to put my son directly in the stroller until he turned 5 months old. By the time he turned 5 months old, he could sit up and hold his head steady without support.

Most babies develop to sit on their own within 5-8 months. It takes about 4 months for your kid to get proper head control. If you are sure your little one can fully support his neck and sit normally at a younger age, you can put him in a stroller without car seat.

However, I’d still say it’s best not to let a newborn use a stroller without the car seat. There’s a vital reason why infant-only car seats exist in the first place. If you are a new parent and not sure what car seat travel systems are, here’s a brief overview to give you clarity:

What Are Car Seat Travel System for Kids and Why Is It Important?

These special travel systems allow a car seat to attach to the frame of a stroller. It comes handy when you are traveling with your babies in a car. Its main job is to make the transition between car and stroller smooth and fuss-free for the baby. Car seats also provide adequate neck and head support to infants.


Suppose your little pumpkin pie is taking nap in the car during a long road journey. Would it be a good idea to wake him up just to put him in his stroller? No. That’s when a car seat comes handy. You don’t have to wake your kid up and bear with all that whining in the middle of a road. Just lock the car seat into the stroller frame and relax!

Wrap up

The main purpose of car seats are convenience. You should definitely use it for babies below 5-6 months while traveling by car. However, if you don’t want to cram up your vehicle with a car seat travel system, just get your baby a fully reclining stroller. It will be just as safe and comfortable for him or her.