When Should You Start Buying Baby Stuff?


The most exciting moment that comes in your life is nothing but your pregnancy. That is the only heavenly feeling for all the moms in the world. As much exciting it is for a mother to wait for her baby to come, the happiness of holding the baby for the very first time is always twice that feeling.

It is of utmost importance that the baby is kept in a secure and healthy environment. That delicate life should be protected at any cost. Hence, it is crucial that you plan everything regarding your baby.

The article below will help you choose the time appropriate for you to shop for your baby. It will also contain the list of stuff that you should buy for your baby.

So, without waiting for any moment, let’s get started.

When Should You Start Buying Baby Stuff

Normally you start shopping for your baby during your second trimester. That is when you are on the 12 weeks of your pregnancy. Sometimes, many women shop for baby stuff during the first trimester, but it is not recommended. This is because the risk for miscarriage is high during the first trimester.

Still, it will be your choice as to when you will want to shop for your baby. But it will be better to shop for your baby once you confirm your pregnancy. You can also shop after you have confirmed the baby’s gender. It is completely up to you to decide the time.

Give time for some checklist. Some of you may get confused regarding the things that you should shop for your baby. No need to worry now. The information below will help you to choose all the things necessary for both you and your baby. Let’s have a look now, shall we?


1. Maternity Wear:

It is really necessary that the mother is also comfortable alongside the baby. During pregnancy, one has to ensure that the mother is feeling well and comfortable. This is where maternity wear comes.

For the to-be mothers out there, as your tummy grows gradually you need to ensure your comfort zone as much as possible. Whether it is a tunic top, a cute flattering wrap dress or boot-cut jeans, a nice set of maternity wear should be on top of the checklist.

2. Sleeping Aids:

Now an extra good night’s sleep is good for both the mother and the baby. Fans, earplugs, body pillows. All of these are some of the useful items that will help you to have a good night sleep.

Now we are all done with the shopping list for the mother. It is time to move on to see the shopping list for the baby.

3. Glider Or Rocking Chair:

It will prove to be easier and soothing for the baby if you can get a glider or a rocking chair. This is regarding the late night feeding. The glider or rocking chair is a benefit for both the mother and her baby. Firstly, the glider’s back and forth motion prevents the mother from having any lower back pain. Secondly, it will help to calm a crying baby.  You can even add a matching footstool if you got a swollen foot during pregnancy or something.

You should definitely add this material to your shopping checklist.

4. Newborn Clothes:


Moving on. These cute little wardrobes come in various colors and designs. You simply cannot resist. They are just so adorable! Those moms are Lucky who are going to buy newborn clothes.

In any shopping malls or in departmental stores, you will obviously see the baby department. There you will find beautiful little booties, wee knit caps, and also print –size knit suits.

Your baby will look like a little doll in them.

5. A Changing Table:

The baby’s diapers need to be changed. This is a matter of hygiene and comfort as well. Your baby may even create a fuss while you are changing the diapers.

It will be a better idea if you buy a changing table made especially for the babies. Otherwise, you can also use a cushioned changing pad. Your choice.


6. Baby Crib and Mattress:


A baby crib or mattress will be perfect for your baby to sleep. But, I would recommend that you buy a baby swing, especially for the newborn. The slow swinging will put your baby in a sound sleep for a longer time.

A Mosses Basket or a Bassinet also works for the newborn baby. All of these are also for in case you got twins in your house. If not, then better go for either crib or mattress.


7. Baby Bedding:

Don’t forget the bedding. Along with the crib, you will also need some baby sheets. Comfortable pillows and lap pillows can be good. It will be better if you keep some warm blankets and swaddling blankets near.

No matter the type of bedding you choose, ensure that it has to be soft bedding for the baby.

8. Nursery Accessories:

Now comes the most important part of the shopping checklist. It is the accessories for the baby’s nursery. Decorating your baby’s room will be a lot more than fun. If you have twins in your home, then you can also install a baby monitor for twins if you want. Give the nursery a colorful touch with pretty looking wall stencils, switch plate or anything colorful.

Don’t forget to decorate the nursery with baby toys, stuffed animals to keep your baby happy and smiling. These accessories should be given importance in the shopping checklist.


Wish you all the best for this upcoming new journey of motherhood. It will be useful for you if you can buy a book on pregnancy as well. It will help during your pregnancy. I pray your baby to have a happy and healthy time. I hope the information will be of a good guide for you.