When To Have A Baby Shower

You have gone from engagement party to bridal shower to wedding, and now you or your best friend, sister, cousin, or work colleague is pregnant, and you have been so excited to make them feel the love. But you are new to baby showers and not sure when to have a baby shower. 

Traditionally, baby showers are held four to six weeks before the baby’s due date. It will allow the mom-to-be far along in the pregnancy to be super excited, yet early enough if the baby makes an earlier arrival. However, there are instances where baby showers should be held earlier than that.

Between all the new changes your body and mind go through as you prepare to have a baby. It can be overwhelming to a mom-to-be to think of everything you would need to be comfortable with entering this new role. That’s why baby showers are perfect for helping with gifts, advice, and support.

When To Have A Baby Shower

Pregnant woman celebrating baby shower party with friends. Pregnant woman receiving gifts from friends.

Traditionally, in a healthy pregnancy with only one baby, a baby shower was held in the third trimester. Anything between four to six weeks or even eight weeks before the due date is perfectly acceptable for the shower. 

You would want the mom-to-be far along in the pregnancy yet not uncomfortable. Sometimes baby shower games include guests having to guess the size of the baby bump and then measuring with a ribbon which is the closest. This would require the mom-to-be bump to be evident and far along. 

You would also want the mom-to-be far along enough so that the excitement of the baby is building and that the baby shower is one of the clear signs that she will be with her newborn soon. 

Baby showers are also a great way for the mother to start nesting and prepare everything for the baby to come. She would receive most of the necessary items by then, which also gives her enough time to get more things she needs before the little one’s arrival. 

When Is Too Early For A Baby Shower?

In normal healthy pregnancies, a baby shower can be held too early. However, there are cases when pregnancies are complicated, or life happens, and calendars are difficult to schedule that would make a baby shower held at an earlier time than the third trimester more suitable.  

  1. High-risk pregnancies, where the mom or baby is at risk, will require a much sooner baby shower. Anything from twenty or twenty-five weeks would be just fine. 
  2. Pregnancies with twins or multiple babies also require an earlier baby shower. These pregnancies don’t often carry full term, and having the baby shower too late might result in the babies joining the party (not that there is anything wrong with that).
  3. For family holidays and gatherings, more than often family that would like to attend the baby shower is far-flung, and one would have to consider a date that is suitable for all the family members who want to attend.
  4. Religious or cultural beliefs. Certain religions and cultures or families have different beliefs regarding baby showers. Some would even believe it is taboo to hold a baby shower before the little one has made its arrival. Some people also have naming ceremonies rather than baby showers before the due date. 

Considering the above mentioned, if the need arises, there probably isn’t such a thing as too early for a baby shower. 

What Time Of The Day Should A Baby Shower Start?

Women toasting with juices at baby shower party. Group of friends at baby shower party having juices.

A baby shower would traditionally be at lunchtime, where a light lunch would be available along with activities and gift opening. 

But since tradition has given way to several different options. For example, many women prefer having a baby shower a little earlier than lunchtime, and a shower at 10 or 11 am would be perfectly acceptable. 

Some women prefer a ‘happy hour’ baby shower held at sunset with some baby-themed mocktails, games, and enjoying the setting sun.

There is also an increase in co-ed baby showers, where husbands and men of the women attending the baby shower also attend, and it is a co-ed baby shower. This is common when it is more of a family type of baby shower, and family members have come from far to be at the shower. 

A co-ed baby shower might even be a late afternoon affair. It can even include a barbecue or some fun games so that there is something for the men to enjoy as well as not all men will get madly excited about oohing and cooing about baby things and birth stories. 

The best time of the day for a baby shower would be determined by the needs and preferences of the mom-to-be and what kind of activities they host is planning. 

Whatever you plan for the baby shower, ensure it won’t make the guest of honor uncomfortable, and check it with her before setting anything in stone. 

Who Plans A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are a great tradition in which your community, co-workers, and friends get to “shower” you with gifts for your new baby’s arrival.

It is rather uncommon in certain cultures or religions and can even be frowned upon for the mom-to-be to host the baby shower. So instead, a close friend or relative should rather do it. 

Modern times have once again proved that tradition in some situations is long gone and that it is perfectly acceptable for the mom-to-be to throw her own baby shower. This could be for various reasons, such as being an excellent party planner or that there is no one else to host it. 

If you are a mom-to-be and have a friend or family that would like to host and organize your baby shower, it can be a relaxing experience for you if they rather do it. You are, after all, growing a tiny human being in your uterus and need as much rest and relaxing things to do as possible. 

If you don’t have anyone close by that can organize the shower, ensure that you do something that puts as little pressure and stress on you as possible. Hosting a brunch or lunch at a restaurant or in a tea garden can be an easy way to have a shower without the clean-up afterward. 


A baby shower for a mom-to-be is an incredible experience and one of the landmarks of the third trimester. After that, the reality that you would soon hold your baby in your arms kicks in. The right timing of a baby shower will affect the guest of honor’s experience, so make sure that you check what she wants before organizing it.